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Scale connection keeps disconnecting


I am trying to use the scale I received from - which does connect, but the connection does not seem to stick.  What is happening is that when I log in to create label(s) there is no option for the scale when I click the little drop down arrow on the right side next to the W(eight) icon.  What shows is that SS "thinks" that either my keyboard or mouse (there are choices for both) is in fact the scale option.  Of course that doesn't work.  TWICE your techs have "fixed" the problem but the fix apparently is not sticking!  They got the choice for the scale to show and checked out my settings and supposedly that would be permanent, but Lo and Behold, when I went to print a label this morning, it's GONE and there is the former Keyboard/Mouse ONLY choices.  I WAS able to get my scale choice back (going to Gear/SSConnect and there was the scale option - thankfully - but why was it not there already when I tried to choose it? Why did I have to go personally and retrieve it ?  I am getting extremely discouraged with SS which is waaaaay more complicated than I had realized in the first place.   Does anyone have any ideas ?