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Ship From Company name not being pulled from "Ship From" profile.


When needing to drop ship a package, we've set up a number of "Ship From" profiles. This process seems to be pretty straight forward. You enter the "Full Name", "Company Name", "Address", etc. of the company that the package(s) are being "sent from". However, when you change the "Ship From" on the specific order that is to be drop shipped, the shipping label DOES NOT pull the correct "Company Name" that you've entered into the "Ship From" profile. It actually pulls the company name from the "store" the order was generated in. Why would you have a text field in the "Ship From" profile if you are NOT going to use it. The label will also include the originating store's logo. There should be an option to NOT include a store logo within the "Ship From" location OR you should be able to upload another logo to be used.