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ShipStation Connect disconnecting on New Layout

New Contributor

In July, we tried the new layout on 2 out of 3 of our shipping stations.  Throughout the couple of weeks we were on the new layout we had almost daily issues with ShipStation Connect disconnecting and not being able to process orders until we reconnected.  Sometimes this was as simple as signing in again.  A couple of times we had to re-install ShipStation Connect.  Anyone else have this issue with the new layout?  If so is there a fix because we would rather not have to reconnect multiple times a day on each station once the move to the new layout is required.  Thank You.



Yes we do as well.  The other issue is that the hot keys do not work in the newest version also our filters are set up to filter only new untagged orders and in the new version the tagged orders filter with the new orders.  We have been sending this to ShipStation for months to no avail!