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Shipping RATE in Email Conformation


Does know how to get the Shipping Rate (carrier amount) in the email confirmation template to show up?  I dont see it as one of the fields in the WYSIWYG drop down list.  I have a Third Party client that requires us to send tracking along with the UPS charge amount for every shipment.  Thanks so much!


Hey there @info806


Thanks for posting in the community! 


The shipping rate is not currently one of our field replacements. I absolutely understand why you want to include it though! I'll be moving this over to our Ideas board so that others can vote on this feature request. 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Hi! I am looking for a way to add the shipping costs to a custom Packing Slip template I created. I need to add the actual cost as displayed in ShipStation when I have set the package dimensions and weight and purchase a label. Is that possible? If so, with Field Replacement option is used for this specific cost? Thanks!