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Shipstation Connect keeps turning auto-start back on after I turn it off? (Windows 11)


Windows 11. I don't want Shipstation to run automatically on Windows start.

I have disabled Shipstation Connect from the list of startup apps several times (windows 11 search bar: "startup apps") but after rebooting, I find that Shipstation Connect still launches automatically. Then if I go back to the list of startup apps it is now enabled again on its own.

I don't believe I had this issue in Windows 10, though I might not have ever tried disabling auto launch on Windows start there. 

I can't find anything related to Shipstation in the windows "Services" section either; that's the second place I would normally look to control what runs automatically on windows start. This is the latest version of Shipstation Connect; I just installed it on a new PC, new Windows install a few days ago.



After slightly more seems like MAYBE if Shipstation Connect is open when you restart Windows/the PC, it will automatically turn on auto-start?

Usually it does automatically turn on auto-start and then auto-launch itself on Windows start, but one time I noticed it didn't do that--possibly because I had closed it manually before rebooting (but I haven't confirmed this yet.)

The Shipstation Connect software itself should have a checkbox in a settings menu to enable or disable running on Windows launch. Almost every other similar class of utility program does. I shouldn't have to know how to go into Windows startup apps, and when I do, the program shouldn't override my setting...

New Contributor

Shipstation Connect is useless in my opinion.  We have several issues a week with it.  Printers not connected is a big one.  Yes, the printers ARE CONNECTED.  They work with every other program we are running.  But not with Shipstation.  It got to the point where I l deleted SSC.  Done with it.  Then today, the program wouldn't print USPS End of Day report.  Said the ShipStation connect workstation was not connected.  True that!  It wasn't connected because it was DELETED two weeks ago!  We simply download via a PDF and print it from Adobe.  But now, it won't print.  These issues have brought us to the point where we are going to dump shipstation and go with another solution.  And we've been with Shipstation for 3 years now.  But the program costs us so much time trying to deal with the constant issues, it's simply not worth it anymore.  Can't you simply have a program that will print labels and reports without the constant errors?  Not other issues with any other programs but this one.  Damn good program if it wasn't for this ridiculous ShipStation Connect.