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UPCs won't scan correctly during scan to verify + print

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Can't imagine how this has no answers on the FAQs but I guess that's alright, having to pay for services and then having very basic features like this break on you. I guess whoever was rolling out V3 didn't think it was a good idea to give the product a little bit of testing first before rolling it out, but hey, it's only at the expense of the customer's time, money, and business, right? 

A delight waiting in queue for hours only to get some unhelpful answers until one of the CS reps knew what I was talking about- turns out I'm not the only one having issues here. 

Despite triple checking that the UPC barcodes on our products were printed correctly (reprinting many of them) and checking the UPC's associated with our products in shipstation's product window, we're still getting an error saying "Incorrect Product: The scanned item can not be found on this order". 

Very helpful. Doesn't tell me if it's because of a UPC mismatch, or whatever it might be. Not that shipstation's guides on scan to verify and print mention matching names as a requirement (no, not UPCs or SKUs. Names. One of the earlier customer service people thought this might have been an issue.) I hit 'update on all open orders' when I re-checked and re-entered the same SKU in the products on shipstation. Still no dice. Made a whole new test order in shipstation as well. Still nothing. Things that scanned and verified on the 17th aren't working on the 18th, for things I didn't even touch. Great.

And it turns out because of the sheer number of problems V3 has caused, I can enjoy waiting for hours to get someone to help. And of course, do this a few times until I get a CS rep who knows what they're talking about. 

Excellent job guys! Very proud. I'm so happy I'm wasting time and money here, waiting for basic features to work again. So satisfied. Can't imagine moving over to a new platform and giving someone else my business so that I can get back to work- just love it when I have to sit around waiting for your programmers to fix issues and bugs that shouldn't have been rolled out in the first place. 


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Did you find a solution? we are having the same issue!

More details on our issue here:


Hello jimct2022! 


Thanks for your post! It looks like the SS Chat Queue has a wait time of 10-15 min today if you would like to message in for support to be able to help you further. It looks like some help is being given by customer support, they can help you run tests. It also helps to call or message in because then we can see if this is a real issue or something that can be fixed in a few steps. 


I appreciate you being here to bring up issues so we can solve them together!