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UPS Adjustments Incorrect/Denied Refunds/Being Overcharged after Label purchase


So I have been having carrier adj from UPS that I also did not discover until March of this year and lost about $300.00 because my time to make a "claim" had passed 90 days.  First how does a consumer know that these adjustments have happened, two how do you know that you only have 90 days to make a claim.  Then to add to the insult.  99% of the adjustments are incorrect!!!  I make items that are shipped in large boxes, but only way about 5 - 7lbs.  However, UPS uses a DIMS calculation and says that a box that is 24 x 18x 4" should weigh 14lbs.  UPS then randomly charges me the shipping cost difference plus a adjustment fee.  I have been working with Shipstation about the issue.  I have supplied ample proof including photos.  Have spend hours providing proof and sorting through the mess.  UPS comes back with a stock answer, we calabrate our machines daily and this is what your package weighed!!! and refues to return MY hard earned money.  I have no choice but to consider passing the unfair adjustment cost to my potential customers and then also probably costing me business.  This is not only unfair, but discriminates against small businesses like mine.  I can promise you Amazon does not have this issue.  I have no problem paying for what I have agreed to pay for.  I plan to take this all the way up the food chain.  Please link to me if you are having this same issue.



This just happened to us as well. We received an email this morning about some adjustments ShipStation was in the process of making to our account from May and June (no other information provided). When we started looking through the reports, we realized there were actually a lot of adjustments being made to our UPS orders. We had largely switched from shipping FedEx to shipping everything UPS with the supposedly great rates "UPS by ShipStation" was providing. Now we have a huge list of adjustments, most of them not in our favor; and most of them with a $12.75  upcharge. And most of the adjustments on the report don't even say why the adjustment was made! After chatting with ShipStation, it turns out our only recourse is to dispute the adjustments through them without even knowing why they were made in the first place. So in short, UPS can show whatever price they want for "UPS by ShipStation" rates, make adjustments later without giving you a reason, and then all you can do is blindly dispute it. ShipStation can try to wash its hands of this all it wants, but that's an insane way to operate. This means that most of our savings since switching to ShipStation were actually losses on most packages. When I select UPS Ground for a small package with a given rate of $8, I should feel pretty confident that the price is correct. Someone should have to explain this.