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new requirement for "HSTariffNumber"

Occasional Contributor

As of today, I'm getting an error that I need to enter an HSTariffNumber for EU shipments. "A valid HSTarriffNumber is required for all shipments to EU countries."

I assume that is due to the March 1 2023 requirement that the HS codes get entered - I'm guessing as the error does not say - in the "Harmonization" box. Fair enough and I've figured that part out.

However, a few issues here.

1) Before realizing what was happening, I tried printing a label a few times. While it gives an error that this HSTariffNumber is needed and does not print a label, it deducted the money from my balance each time. Since there is no way to VOID a label to get the refund, because no label was printed, I've had to apply for refunds outside of ShipStation using My point is that it should no be deducting funds for a label that is not created!

2) It would have been helpful if Shipstation had given us a heads up on this issue. I see that there is an article in the blog about it, dated from only a couple of days ago. Of course I didn't see it until coming on here looking for info. We could have been notified ahead of time in a more timely way via email, in case there is more to it than just those numbers, which is very hard to figure out.

Mostly what I sell is books and printed material, which is simple enough that it seems like it could (should!) be exempt from signing up for something complex tax-wise but who can tell reading those sites.

Anyway just my two cents.