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Our company sells through several channels, but Etsy is one of our larger ones. We are wanting to implement custom packing slips in ShipStation, but there is one basic functionality that is holding us back. The issue arises when an order comes through that has a different buyer and recipient name. This is important to us for gift orders, so the recipient knows who bought the gift. It properly shows the buyers username and email, but does not properly display the name. A lot of times the actual buyer can't be deciphered from the username and emails. The buyer name field is available in Etsy, and is even printed on Etsy packing slips. ShipStation has a variable for buyer name, but it imports the recipient name instead, and not the buyer's. I would love to see ShipStation work with Etsy to properly map the buyer name  variable in custom packing slips. 

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This is an issue even outside of ETSY.  We are a firearms manufacture and are required to ship firearms to licensed gun stores, not direct to our customers homes.  The SHIP TO and SOLD TO information for our orders is different, but there is no way to reflect this on the packing slip.


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