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Automatically Split Order Please!

New Contributor
We get 300 of orders per day, and have to manually split certain orders to fit into UPS ground. We have an automation rule that creates a tag automatically for orders that need to be split, then we have to manually go through and split them, which takes hours per day. Please add this feature asap!!!

Frequent Contributor

I know this might not be of help if this isn't a setting you can control, but for one of our stores the splitting takes place on the e-commerce platform side of things. Alcohol goes to shipment one--filled by a different company--and non-alcohol items go to shipment 2, filled by us. So each order comes into ShipStation pre-split. Hopefully that's something you have control over.

Occasional Contributor

An auto split feature is much needed and taking away the manual split feature on single orders is going to force us to another shipping program if it cannot be rectified on a timely manner.

I already moved over to Ordoro because of it. They have a Clone Order function that works well for me.

I'll look at Ordoro as well. Weird it's taking ShipStation so long to put a UI on something that is already available to accomplish with their API. 

Will be checking this out, thank you so much.

New Contributor

We NEED this back. I thought I could work around it but my business is hurting every day I don't have this function.