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Mark As Shipped keeps on failing , transferring order to 'Pending Fulfillment'

New Contributor

The case opened a month ago on July 24,and after all the noise, automated messages, and promises to escalate to seniors, nothing happened. 

When we attempt to mark orders as shipped with a tracking number that was purchased not from or through Shipstation, the order gets transferred to 'Pending Fulfilment.' 

The error message states: unable to add insurance funds to your account, etc.?????

This happens not with some orders,  it's very random, so far I have two orders stuck in pending Fulfillment. What does it even mean??? I am fulfilling it.

Has anyone else faced the same issue? Please help. Now, I  have to send notifications to customers manually!

@shipstation team, maybe finally take a look at Request #3676079???



New Contributor

Has anyone faced this error? It's been a month and Shipstation is doping nothing about it. We are paying subscription fees and can't use the platform, ending up sending emails to customers manually.