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5-7 Second lag when printing a shipping label


We are experiencing a significant lag (5-7 seconds) between when we hit "print label" and the label eventually printing. We've been through all the troubleshooting articles and strategies (using chrome, changing printers, internet speed, etc).  This is way to long, especially during the holiday seasons, to be spending standing in front of a printer.  Anybody find the "holy grail" of improving this?


Occasional Contributor

I logged in here to find something else, but it's been extremely slow recently. I started the company and haven't filled orders in years. I'm trying to troubleshoot something else and saw your comment and wanted to say that its significantly slower than it used to be... especially that process.


I just posted a similar issue - a label rarely prints for us - taking 15 seconds, etc. Most times the shipstation website simply freezes and NEVER displays the generated label to print.

We have to manually click out of the popup that stated label is being generated, etc. And then to print the label we have to go into our shipments tab. HELP! Called support who was in Africa, she refreshed our account on her end. I cleared our cached multiple times, this is not acceptable as some type of update created this issue which has now become so bad, it's like the AOL days of 1995!