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PayPal USPS Tracking Number Problem


The Issue is back.  At least with labels created using

I created 8 labels yesterday and all had recycled tracking from the last few months.  One as recent as March 3rd less than two weeks ago.  They were scanned at the post office yesterday and upon checking this morning, none of them have been updated and all show delivered at the previous use address.  This is a mess for customers and having to deal with their questions.




Hello there @Travis-Mc,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I reached out to my team about this issue and they confirmed for me that we should not see any additional labels with this behavior. 


Additionally, I have been assured that although the tracking numbers may not update directly on USPS right away, they are certainly tracked and will be delivered as anticipated! If you continue to see this behavior, please reach out and let us know! 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!