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"Missing or invalid shipper number" for UPS from Shipstation


Since the ending of the USPS Regional boxes we had to get brown boxes ideally for brown trucks.


However, shipping with UPS from Shipstation is useless as there is an error "Missing or invalid shipper number."  We all know that this has nothing to do with a UPS number that I would have and there isn't any way to try and reset this service or edit information in any way.  

Did anyone have this same error and if so, what was the fix?


Hey there Krampade, 


If ever running into an error message that is blocking a shipment, your best bet is to reach out to our support team directly! You can do this via email ( or the live chat widget! 


Our team will be happy to investigate this matter together and in your account directly so we can get you back to shipping like normal.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!