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Shopify Note from buyers data issue

New Contributor

Hello all,

I'm using Shopify apps to connect with ShipStation but there's something wrong with the data: Notes from buyers,
My expectation: the data of Notes from buyers in ShipStation refer to Customer Note data

Actual result: the data of Notes from buyers is the combination of Customer Notes and Additional data

I checked with the supporter and he/she said that it comes from the Order feed in Shopify. How could I get the expected result?

Current data: "NotesFromBuyer","Text":"Granny and Grandpa Dave\n[renew]<br>Donation Tracking ID: xxx"}],"CreatedDateTime":"2023-03-26T07:09:32Z","ModifiedDateTime":"2023-03-26T00:32:17-07:00","SalesOrderGuid":"236bb21c-6163-5b6c-848f-36fffcef8feb"}


expectation: {"NotesFromBuyer","Text":"Granny and Grandpa Dave"}],"CreatedDateTime":"2023-03-26T07:09:32Z","ModifiedDateTime":"2023-03-26T00:32:17-07:00","SalesOrderGuid":"236bb21c-6163-5b6c-848f-36fffcef8feb"}


Occasional Contributor

I have the same exact issue. Shopify adds these as "additional details" but the entire note comes through which is very confusing to the customerIssue.png and not professional.

Hello @hkalebjian and @duc1986d


Thank you both for being a part of our community and for sharing this with this. This seems like a matter best handled by our support team directly. Have you been able to reach out to support and create a ticket? 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager.