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Shopify Note from buyers data issue

New Contributor

Hello all,

I'm using Shopify apps to connect with ShipStation but there's something wrong with the data: Notes from buyers,
My expectation: the data of Notes from buyers in ShipStation refer to Customer Note data

Actual result: the data of Notes from buyers is the combination of Customer Notes and Additional data

I checked with the supporter and he/she said that it comes from the Order feed in Shopify. How could I get the expected result?

Current data: "NotesFromBuyer","Text":"Granny and Grandpa Dave\n[renew]<br>Donation Tracking ID: xxx"}],"CreatedDateTime":"2023-03-26T07:09:32Z","ModifiedDateTime":"2023-03-26T00:32:17-07:00","SalesOrderGuid":"236bb21c-6163-5b6c-848f-36fffcef8feb"}


expectation: {"NotesFromBuyer","Text":"Granny and Grandpa Dave"}],"CreatedDateTime":"2023-03-26T07:09:32Z","ModifiedDateTime":"2023-03-26T00:32:17-07:00","SalesOrderGuid":"236bb21c-6163-5b6c-848f-36fffcef8feb"}


Occasional Contributor

I have the same exact issue. Shopify adds these as "additional details" but the entire note comes through which is very confusing to the customerIssue.png and not professional.

Hello @hkalebjian and @duc1986d


Thank you both for being a part of our community and for sharing this with this. This seems like a matter best handled by our support team directly. Have you been able to reach out to support and create a ticket? 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager.

Occasional Contributor

was this ever resolved, we have just switched our website to shopify.  Have been using shipstation for years and didn't have this issue before but now having this with shopify putting that info in the notes from customer field.

New Contributor

I think it is a bit simple to just say take it up with shopify. clearly this is a shopify / shipstation collaboration item and fact is that it REALLY causes issues for Shipstation customers. So I think Shipstation could and should take a bit more of an active role in this, or provide a solution to parse it out in any way?