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When schedule a USPS pickup it is required to have a contact record. However, if a mistake is made this pickup person is permanent, there is no way to edit or even remove them. In our case, we tried several times before realizing contents were required in the Notes field so the first several are invalid and we would like to be able to remove them.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

We also have this problem. It's common that people come and go and not being able to remove contacts is a big problem in the Pickup Requests.

New Contributor

We have a typo in the contact info we entered.  And its the gate code the driver needs to be able to enter the facility.  So we had to add another contact, but sometimes people still pick the first one and the driver shows up with the wrong gate code.
I see this issue was first entered back in 2021.  Do you even work on this app anymore?
Please fix!