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I noticed a glitch, I cannot update the sold to name which gets set as the ship to name automatically when I first create an order. Sometimes i use this order entry to create a ship quote before the customer gives me their full name, so I am unable to use the same order I used for the ship quote to simply ship because I can't update the Sold To name. It's not a big deal, but this would save me time so I don't need to retype the order.


Yes, being able to specify a different Sold To party is important for international orders.

Can we get this enabled again?  It was possible in the old version.

If not, is it possible to revert back to the old version?


I get orders from my distributors and then I drop ship to their customers. So my Ship To and my Sold To are almost always different. It seems Sold To is auto-populated from Ship To and can't be changed. I need them as separate fields.