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I have ShipStation Connect installed on one PC in our office in order for all our other PCs to have access to a few printers. This works fine as long as my Windows user account is logged in (so ShipStation Connect starts up). However as soon as I log out, or if the computer must be rebooted and I'm not around to sign in to my account....ShipStation Connect never runs and nobody can access the printers. It should be possible to setup ShipStation Connect to run as a Windows Service instead, so that it starts with Windows, and not on a specific user logon. As it stands, ShipStation Connect is fatally flawed for anyone who cannot be present to log in after a system reboots! Hoping for a solution...
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'+1 for this.
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'+1 on this. No reply for 2 years. What's the status here?
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Add my name to the list of people that want this added.
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Incredible that isn't done yet. Poor design at best.
Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks for your patience with this idea! We have started work on updating our ShipStation Connect codebase. I'm checking to see if this will allow what you are asking for and will follow up with more details as soon as I know more. 


Quick update... 


The work we are currently doing to update ShipStation Connect is a step toward your use case, but the first phase of the Connect updates don't include this ability. Implementing this will bring up some new complications in how we manage the front-end experience, which will require some research and testing after we've implemented the new code base. 


That may mean we reach out for further input from interested users and even create a test group. If you are interested in being contacted for this in the future, please let us know in a reply. Thanks!

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Any updates here? This is very much a necessity.

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I agree, if I can't run this in the background by passing creds or install a it as a Window Service... its flawed for multiple use cases.

I have it running on a server that only has RDP access... RDP connections timeout. I can't start the dang thing after a normal patching schedule. So I have so wake up a 6am when our first teams arrive, and start it... then I have to babysit it all day to make sure that the RDP session doesn't disconnect.

I now there are many of ways to persist sessions, but the ERP clients will eventually bring everything to a halt if not reaped.

I've sent multiple questions to support about this, and I don't get an answer... like NO this is not currently possible and that is on our next update cycle..., which would be helpful...

I did get a call back recently from customer service... like:
"Oh sir, all you need to do in the morning, is just click on the icon and it will show up in your system tray" (grrr)

This needs to be able to be ran as a windows service... like now... Please?

(big sigh)

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@SuperMgr-Sarah how about now? Are we closer?