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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We have customizable Packing Slips, how about custom Pick Lists?
Occasional Contributor
Would like to be able to customize pick lists. We have them print out our thermal printer with a batch and you need a microscope to view the text. I need to customize these and increase the font size.
First-timer (legacy)
Would be very helpful to be able to customize pick lists much in the same manner as packing slips are customizable. (In particular, I need to be able to add a "Customer Notes" column.) Thank you!
New Contributor
we need to sort it by location number we don't want to run to the front and pick one item and run to the back to pick another item.
First-timer (legacy)
If the SKU could be bold and the quantity of the products moved in front of SKU while keeping the products in order based on the SKU this would be helpful as well.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes. Need to see the QTY for each order number for same item. When there are more than one orders contain a product, in pick list you will show all the order numbers under that product. But can you show the QTY next to the order number? For example there are two orders 1001 and 1002. In order 1001 customer order three product ABC, and in order 1002 customer order two product ABC. In pick list you just show order number 1001 and 1002 under product ABC, but don't show how many pieces for each order. I wondering can you make it like 1001(3),1002(2) so that after we pick up products we can know how many pieces we should assign for each order.
First-timer (legacy)
My employees miss QTY marks every once and a while because they are tiny on our pages. Really need this to be implemented so that I can make that bigger.
First-timer (legacy)
The ability to save a Pick List in a non- static PDF form such as excel or csv would be the most helpful in customizing the Pick List to each individuals liking. Then you can put in any order you wish. Highlight commonly missed items. Bold, italicize or enlarge fonts etc. I don't want to spend another $50 to purchase an online converter just for simple Pick Lists. Having a Pick List as only a PDF is absolutely useless to my business.
First-timer (legacy)
I would love the ability to customize pick list. Also, the ability to embed html into it. For example, the ability to put a hexidecimal color into the warehouse location to match color tags would be great!
First-timer (legacy)
Anyone know if this is being developed?! My votes got this up to 90 now - so when do the developers run with it?
First-timer (legacy)
hurry up ship station!!!!! i need this in my life