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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We have customizable Packing Slips, how about custom Pick Lists?
First-timer (legacy)
Please allow a chance to modify the pick list further such as 1. removing product description 2. allowing to select all orders instead of just 500 per pick list It will help our work flow tremendously and I am willing to pay for this to be added.
First-timer (legacy)
We need a picklist that can generate ALL orders instead of 500 at a time. It needs to be in CSV format so it can be adjusted as needed.
First-timer (legacy)
yes I support this idea.. It would be good to be able to customize the pick list/pack list in an HTML editor.
We can help you set up custom pick lists on ShipStation, and are happy to help. Here's our solution in action We offer a 2 week free trial to evaluate our solution. Email us at or at to learn more.
New Contributor
We have multiple warehouses.It would be great if our pick list starts from warehouse A in order A1-A2-A3,,,,A499 while preparing the the same thing more B1-B2-B3,,,, then,,B499 would be really cool,Unfortunately it starts with A103 or a different number instead of A1 You can easily see this when you look at the photo.
Status changed to: Investigating
New Contributor

We would like to be able to customize the columns of information on Pick Lists. For example, our warehouse staff doesn't reference product descriptions when they pick product. It would be incredibly helpful if the "product description" column could be repositioned on the page (furthest to the right). 

They have also asked for the font size to be larger. It's difficult for some of them to read the small print. 


This will benefit us as well as many other merchants a lot.

Any update on this ticket please? @SuperMgr-Sarah