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I am looking for the ability to create/customize packing slip layouts.  We are currently doing 80% of our shipping in ShipStation but still have to pay for and maintain our legacy shipping system because the remaining 20% of our orders are not able to be printed in ShipStation.  This is due to them printing on a customized, integrated packing slip.  The integrated packing slip is 8.5" x 14" and the bottom portion of the packing slip includes a place for the 4"x6" shipping label, as well as 10 smaller labels that contain customer and order specific information.  We physically apply these smaller labels to our product prior to shipping.  

Screenshots below show the entire integrated packing slip, as well as a detailed view of the bottom portion. I would like to be able to migrate 100% of my business to ShipStation but I cannot do that until I have this addressed.

Integrated Packing Slip.jpg


Detailed Label Section.jpg