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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Much easier to read if you make the 4x6 packing slip in a landscape format, You can increase the font size and still keep everything in-line.
First-timer (legacy)
Here's another request to add to the pile. Bump.
Occasional Contributor
Giving us some HTML code would be great to solve many problems! I use the 8.5x11 packing slips, but want JUST my custom gift packing slips to use the 4x6 size. I use a rule to print these automatically, so can't switch between the 4x6 & 8.5x11 every time - I just need some HTML to force a page size... I'm sure this code could also force format too!
First-timer (legacy)
I absolutely cannot believe that this is not something that ShipStation offers - I now have to go find someone to code this for me - there should be a default option for this. ShipStation is supposed to be the top of the line shipping software - the software I am moving from has this and it is a MUCH smaller platform.
Occasional Contributor
Yes, landscape 4x6 has been an issue for some time. I did find a custom design online that may help some of you. It will work, but only if you don't require a second page. So it's good for orders of 1-3 line items.
Status changed to: Under Review
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please please please do this