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Status: Investigating
We would love an update within ship station so that the amount that is pulled from the invoice to autofill in the customs information includes final sub-total, so the true amount paid for the items and removes any discounts or promotions they've received on the order. For international customers, this is crucial to ensure they are not paying additional fees and duties on discounts or promotions they received. Thanks!
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Agree - now with Brexit and delivering to EU DDP, we've just realised we're prepaying taxes on prices before discount (and we discount A LOT) - so we've been massively overpaying what we should / i.e. lost a tonne of cash.
Status changed to: Investigating

I use Shopify , and so many of my customers are composing about expensive customs fees. They are being charged for the full price as well as shipping fees. 

I'm glad to see that others have been thinking about this too and that it is being investigated as we have been having issues with our taxes and duties not being charged correctly as the products 'Declared Value' is not dynamic. So the values that these charges are based on are in some cases much higher than what is actually being charged to the customer. 

However, the fact that this is still 'under investigation' after nearly a year is concerning. This comment was added back in 2017!

Come on, we really need this to be released soon. There must be an update for us for this?



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Any update on this issue?

This was posted first back in 2017 !!! Five years later and we still have no fix.  

We ship internationally and any discounts the customer received is not being pushed through to the customs form.  There is even a line item of "discount/rebate" in the customs form that Shipstation is NOT filling in with the correct info.  See attached screen grab of the Shipstation generated customs form.

Come on Shipstation!  This is a basic need that has been requested for over 5 years.  Customers are paying higher duties and tariffs needlessly.

Screenshot of Shipstation Customs form.png


I have also found this issue. It is proving a particular nightmare for us as we have Wholesale and E-Commerce sales channels running through the same ShipStation account. This means we often find wholesale customers are being charged duties on the full price of items. It is incredibly time-consuming to change the declared value on every shipment and basically defeats the object of using shipstation.

I brought this up with shipstation CS, and they recommended posting on the forum, which clearly doesn't have any impact. Not sure where else to go with this. 

While I'm not a dev, it seems quite a basic thing to have dynamic values on the customs forms