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Status: Under Review
Greetings Ship Station Tech Team, My name is Jeffrey Roberts and I am a developer for VMR Products, We are currently building out a new site using Magento, and we are going to be using Ship Station as our shipping solution. We have one hang up though. We currently ship over a thousand orders everyday, and sometimes as high as 4 thousand or more orders on sale days. Approximately 1% of our orders have a total line item count greater than 20, and our highest line item count to date is 93. Ideally, we would like to print the shipping label and the packing slip on a half label half detachable slip medium, however, this does not work for our 1% of orders containing line items greater than 10. To switch up our fulfillment process for 1% of our orders will be a logistics nightmare. The solution I see that will solve this challenge is to add a checkbox to your packing slip design view that if checked, will allow two or more pages to be printed. As of now, the system only allows for a single page to be printed. By adding the ability to print 2 or more pages will prevent a shipping horror story from occurring. This solution is vital to our fulfillment process. Thank you! Jeffrey
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This is soooo annoying! I love shipstation but this is a HUGE hit to our efficiency and operations flow. It slows us down the most in shipping. This needs to be resolved ASAP.
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I would say more than 50% of our orders get cut off using the 1/2 label 1/2 packing slip feature. We fulfill from a screen so not a huge problem. But we include this packing list with the shipment so it would be nice for the customer to be able to see all the line items rather than getting cut off!
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This doesn't happen often to me. Maybe once every other month. If you would print on a second page, how would that work with an integrated packing slip (where the packing slip and shipping label are combined on one page). Could you just print the additional items on the second page, without a shipping label?
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So, this was requested 4 years ago and nothing has been done? To be blunt, this is a huge impact for shippers who fulfill based on packing slips. If items are missing, you have upset customers, double shipping charges to send missing items, negative feedback, lowered seller metrics, etc etc. Another shipping provider does this SEEMLESSLY without a problem. Their XML code just shrinks all the text and images sizes so even 10 items fit. That's why I only use Shipstation for a few selling channels. No way I can trust my Amazon shipments with this type of issue.
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This is a problem we are also having. It's particularly a trouble during the holidays when customers are purchasing lots of items as gifts. We had no idea for a week that we were sending out orders missing product. One solution may be changing the orientation of the packing slip portion from Horizontal to vertical?
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shipping around 500 items per day and this is a rather annoying problem for us as well. Hoping for support soon.
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This would be very helpful because we also like to fulfill using the label/packing slips option and are in the same situation where we can only print one page, making orders with over 18 lines items get cut off. It would make more sense to be able to have an option so that we can have 2 or more pages printed, so that the continuation of line items would be one the next page
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We are having the same problem as well. For our shipping process we need to include barcodes for each line item of our packing slips and our packing slips end up getting cut off after 4 line items if we use the label/ps option. This currently effects roughly 10% of our orders and printing out separate packing slips is currently very inefficient.
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rxsmartgear commented · September 11, 2015 20:09 · Flag as inappropriate Allow the packing slip and Shipping label to print off at the same time on two different printers without having to hit print button twice. This has been kicking around for a long time!!! For us multi printer printing would be the best solution 'Create label' triggers a chain of printing on different printers
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'@rxsmartgear Hello! What type of label printer are you using that has the ability to peel the backing when printed?