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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Need a way to automatically print the commercial invoices (customs forms) when an international label is printed. This only currently affects UPS and FedEx since USPS is consolidated into the shipping label itself. However, having to leave the shipping area to go to shipped items and find the order then click the paper icon... employees sometimes forget this step which then creates an exercise in time management and phone calls to UPS/FedEx to fax the documents. If we could have a setting on the labels like we do with "print label with packing slip" but print labels with customs forms" and be able to choose the 8.5x11 printer it would be perfect.
First-timer (legacy)
I'm not sure if this will help, but our FedEx account is set up so the international commercial invoices are emailed directly to the border authorities as soon as a label is created. This is for items going from Canada to the US, but I don't see it being that hard to set up for other instances. This saves a lot of hassle - if only Canada Post would do the same 😛
When I ship internationally, most of the forms I need are printed in label format. However, sometimes, when shipping internationally, I need to print a commercial invoice or other additional forms in order for a shipment to clear customs without any issues. Those forms are automatically generated when labels are generated. Because I normally print labels in batches, it's not obvious that those forms need to be printed and sometimes I forget to print them in the rush of remembering the billion other things that need to be remembered when processing an order. When the labels are generated, there is a button in that window that says "Other Documents". The forms that I need are generally listed in the submenu. If there are any, a number appears next to the "Other Forms" listing and I can actually click on it to get to the order to print the pertinent forms. What I would like would be that the "Other Documents" button is highlighted or changed in color or something to tell me I ought to check this and print any forms, but only when "Other Forms" shows a number. I've attached images of a relatively recent batch that has this situation. Thank you for your help, Kristine Anderson
First-timer (legacy)
This is still an issue today. With the app and using tablets, there is no way to print these sheets at all. This really needs to happen ASAP. It only makes sense.
New Contributor
One of the biggest issues we have is that with EDI only some packages need the extra customs forms and Shipstation does not prompt you to print these. You have to manually check each order which leads to errors. It it would be nice to have an (optional) pop-up which prompts you to print the forms after the label has been printed.
I print my labels in bulk (Royal Mail) so I get a long line of labels printed. Many of these require customs labels too. Currently there is no option for them to be printed alongside the label , they have to be printed after therefore there is the need to then manually match the label with the customs form. Very time consuming and surely a very quick and easy fix.
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Have a way to print Customs Form (international invoices) along with Label if order requires it. We used to have another service where it'll print the label along with another label that prints the customs form on it so we can just attach it to the box without needing a slip to attach to the box. And it will print everything at once, without having to go the extra step of clicking print again to print only customs form.
Status changed to: Under Review