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3rd Party Shipping on UPS

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We have a customer that requires that we use their UPS account for all packages to them.  Since ShipStation's UPS account does not support 3rd party shipping we created a private account to accommodate our customers' requirements.  We have a ShipStation UPS account that we use for all other customer because the rates are great and we would gladly use it for all our UPS shipping if it supported 3rd party billing.  Are there any plans to add 3rd party billing to your UPS account or provide exceptions to the private account for 3rd billing, so we aren't stuck have to a fee for a private account?  




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Mark,  I had the same question when I got the email notification from ShipStation this morning.  ShipStation is going to start charging an additional $20/month to link private accounts.  Hopefully, Shipstation will reconsider this.  Software as a service is death by a thousand cuts. 


We're running into a similar issue... we wouldn't mind exclusively using UPS from Shipstation (for the most part) although we'd miss FedEx's One Rate pricing... however, UPS from Shipstation doesn't seem to support COD. We're now evaluating other shipping services that don't place a surcharge on connecting accounts and avoiding any that are owned by Auctane (holding company that owns Shipstation).


Hello @MarkW, @SRD5000, and @pleasure


We appreciate your feedback and understand that pricing changes can be challenging. Our #1 goal is to continue improving the ShipStation application to help your business ship more efficiently. If you would like to speak with a member of our team directly, please DM me your email address or phone number. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

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If I understand the new fees you would not be charged for using your FedEx account because it is not one of the services now offered by ShipStation.  However, if you had your own UPS or USPS account than would be pay a fee to continue to use that.  At least that is how I read it.

Unfortunately I believe it's applicable to any "external" carrier as per Shipstation's new pricing page ( FAQ reads: "Yes, you are allowed to connect your carrier accounts with an associated monthly fee... charged if a merchant identifies itself as (i) having its own direct carrier account and (ii) deciding to use the rates available in its own direct carrier account. This type of merchant would receive access to the ‘connect with your carrier’ page via ShipStation."

To connect to any "external" account, including Fedex, we'd need access to the "connect with your carrier" page, which shows up as a "Your Carrier Accounts" tab under Settings -> Shipping -> Carriers.