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Adding Tags through automation does not work for Multiple products




We have two products out of our entire catalog that we want to tag orders that contain either one of them or both.

We created automation rule that tag each order that contains the tag.

Black color for product A

Pink color for product B

We created a filter that contains both product and than we created automation rule based on the filter in order to tags the orders.


However the filter works fine, bur when we run the automation rule the orders are not being tagged.

Also orders that contain product A and another product (Not B) are not being tagged with black color.


How can we tag all the orders that contain a certain product even if there are more than 1 item?

How can we make an automation work according to filter






The only way I know is to edit the Product within the products tab and add the tag to those products.


Automations on shipstation are in dire need of an upgrade.