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Any way to flag an order once it's a "shipment"?

Occasional Contributor

Has anybody found a way to flag and add notes to a shipment?

All this flagging and tagging functionality is available when the order has not yet shipped, but once transferred to "shipment" status, I cannot find a way to flag or tag shipments for followup action. 

I need to track packages that go missing, need a claim filed, need to be reshipped etc.

Is this possible in Shipstation? If not, why not?

Thanks for any insights.


Hello there @SSkeptic


When it comes to leaving tags and notes on your orders after shipment, I am happy to report that you can add those notes/tags in a couple different ways. 


You can perform this action from the ORDERS tab, in the SHIPPED section, using the row selection and tag action at the top of the screen.


Alternatively, this screenshot shows how to add/remove tags and notes from inside of the orders individually while in the SHIPMENTS tab, if that is more supported by your workflow.


I hope this helps! 🙂 




From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Occasional Contributor

Thank you Moderator Davis!

ORDERS tab, in the SHIPPED section - check!

I can't find that screenshot you linked to above - dead link. Could you share that with me again? Thanks for the help!


Sorry about that dead link @SSkeptic


This new link should provide that screenshot showing where to make the note and tag adjustments in individual orders specifically. 


Just to provide any other clarity, I got to the screen above by navigating SHIPMENTS > Fulfillment or Shipped section as needed > Click directly into the order number. Adjusting those tags in the order directly should be available from both tabs! 


I hope this helps! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!