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Customer Order Updates


Is there a way to update the customer directly from Shipstaion once an order's tag is changed from a different tag? 

We are looking to update the customer once their order is put in production and that their order will be shipped in X amount of days. 



Hello! And thanks for being part of our community!


At this time, there are only a few actions that can trigger automated behaviors in ShipStation: 


  • Importing Orders (this triggers all import rules and automation rules)
  • Creating a label (this triggers most customer notifications)
  • Or certain tracking events can also trigger customer notifications (like a label hitting the mail stream or when ShipStation receives a delivery notification from the carrier)

Updating any type of order details in ShipStation or adding/removing a tag cannot trigger any type of notification for your customers. There may be a 3rd party solution provider that has an existing solution or could write a custom script using ShipStation's openAPI that could detect certain tags on an order and then perform an action, like sending a notification to the customer, but that would have to be managed and triggered by that tool. It's not something that is currently built into ShipStation. 

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx