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Deleted my main account - Now what ?

Occasional Contributor

Hey Everybody, 


I had 4 accounts open throughout the last 8 months (please don't ask me why, I have no idea how this happened) - but long story short, I called customer support and asked them to delete 3 of them. Apparently, one of those 3, was my main account where Shipstation was drawing money from to pay for our UPS labels. Now, I found myself in a situation where I cannot ship anything from Shipstation.  (The error that I get is as follows: "Activity blocked due to current account status. Account exception Exception with code 0x00560201; module 86, category 2, item 1")


- How do I assign my one and only remaining account to my main carriers Shipstation account ? I have it under "other carriers" and it is set to 'Preferred Account' - but it still does not let me print anything and gives me the same error. (I verified that this account is in fact active and in good standing.)

- How do get this error to go away and start printing labels again? 


P.S I reached out to Shipstation customer support via email, and they told me its a issue. Then I reached to support and they told me its a Shipstation issue. This is extremely frustrating as we have about 40 labels per week that we need to print and its a major bummer to do them all manually through the marketplace (ebay, etsy, etc ...). This is a real gear grinder. 



- Daniel. 




I dug into this on my end and found your ticket in the support department. That is absolutely the right call to make when you run into error messages like this. 


I will be following up with you directly via DM about where we are standing with your ticket. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Can one of you post the fix here? Experiencing a similar issue. We remove all stamps accounts, but one is still linked on the backend, and fails to authorize. We've had an open ticket for 8 days and still can't add funds, buy, or print labels.

Hello @BCAG


Welcome to the ShipStation Community, we are so happy to have you here with us. 


If you are already working with our support team, you are in the best place to get this resolved. I would continue working with this team as it is not likely other users would be able to assist with this. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 



I am having the same issue. is a nightmare to deal with.  Now I am looking to switch back to Shipstation rates and am unable to do so.