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Deleted my main account - Now what ?

Occasional Contributor

Hey Everybody, 


I had 4 accounts open throughout the last 8 months (please don't ask me why, I have no idea how this happened) - but long story short, I called customer support and asked them to delete 3 of them. Apparently, one of those 3, was my main account where Shipstation was drawing money from to pay for our UPS labels. Now, I found myself in a situation where I cannot ship anything from Shipstation.  (The error that I get is as follows: "Activity blocked due to current account status. Account exception Exception with code 0x00560201; module 86, category 2, item 1")


- How do I assign my one and only remaining account to my main carriers Shipstation account ? I have it under "other carriers" and it is set to 'Preferred Account' - but it still does not let me print anything and gives me the same error. (I verified that this account is in fact active and in good standing.)

- How do get this error to go away and start printing labels again? 


P.S I reached out to Shipstation customer support via email, and they told me its a issue. Then I reached to support and they told me its a Shipstation issue. This is extremely frustrating as we have about 40 labels per week that we need to print and its a major bummer to do them all manually through the marketplace (ebay, etsy, etc ...). This is a real gear grinder. 



- Daniel. 





I dug into this on my end and found your ticket in the support department. That is absolutely the right call to make when you run into error messages like this. 


I will be following up with you directly via DM about where we are standing with your ticket. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!