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Inventory reports - improvement needed


Original post by user Eddie Spencer


I like  Shipstation.  However, I need inventory reports that Shipstation does not provide.  I need reports that show: SKU, alias, inventory; SKU, inventory, inventory history for a specific period of time (additions and subtractions); ( I need some of this for year end tax stuff and the accountant asks me for it).


I  know the info is there.  I can get some of it up on a screen, but it will not export it.  I wish I could export my screen layouts, particularly in the inventory module.


thanks for your consideration



Hello Eddie, 


Thanks for this post and for being a member of our community.


If you are looking for reports on stock and history, you should find what you need under Insights>Reports. There is a whole section for inventory specific reports. 


I have highlighted three of these reports for you, however, if you are curious, check out Insights Reports article for more details.


INVENTORY AUDIT REPORT - This report will give you a list of stock changes from within your selected date range. This report is sorted by inventory action. 



INVENTORY STATUS REPORT - This report looks at stock counts for a list of products that have an assigned inventory Location. 




ITEM DEMAND SUMMARY - This report displays a list of products that were ordered within the selected date range. This report breaks down how many items were sold and gives you the total item revenue. 





I know you had mentioned wanting to see Alias SKUs in your inventory reports. Since product aliases tell ShipStation that different SKUs represent the same product, you will only see one- the main product record, not the alias- SKU displayed in your inventory reports.


Hopefully, this helps you out. 



Occasional Contributor

Hi .. I am having some of the same issues, have you found some work arounds? would love to chat live if you don't mind... email me if available