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Learn how to build API

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I am a service provider and have an API team, but really need to learn this myself. I have gotten far enough in postman to make a get request for all orders, and an individual order. But struggling to learn. Any suggestions how to learn this? 

One thing I am not understanding in the docs is the part referencing "HTTP/1.1" 

What does that mean?


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I would first recommend reading thru our Custom Store Development Guide article from our knowledge base! If this documentation doesn't quite answer your question, I would recommend then reaching out to That will go directly to our api team and they will be more than happy to assist 🙂 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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What are you trying to do with the API?  If all you're trying to do is download a timeframe of orders and shipments, I don't know that I would go the store route.  I didn't even realize SS had the store option as I built my API integration a few years ago and haven't updated it.  It's not "that" difficult to just get to a point of downloading orders, but this is spoken from the standpoint of a developer.  Sounds like you "may" have gotten there.  So what, specifically are you asking to do?  Where is it referencing HTTP/1.1, that's simply the protocol being used and is just a default, i.e. don't worry about it.  You basically have to get an API Key and Secret, specify those in an authorization header of your request (which you should be able to do using postman) then do a post to a url ( such as to get shipments...

Details here...

Then if authentication passes and made a valid request (and specify Content-Type as application/json in header) you should get a json file back as a response.  Use a json editor to view the response (I just use notepad++ with a json plugin while developing or programmatically read your json file response using whatever language, etc. you're using).  I know that all sounds complicated, but that's honestly one of the most basic things to do with their API.  If I read it right, setting up the store stuff means you'd have to create your own endpoints, etc.  pffft forget that.

if really needed i could probably provide an excel doc that has a vba module that could run basic things if you provide your own key and secret in the module