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SS doesn't calculate the totals correctly for combined orders. This feature is useless! The wrong amount gets into all reports and messes up monthly/yearly stats! The only reason we still haven't moved to a new platform is that SS keeps our reports for all the years. NOW THE REPORTS ARE WRONG! See the screenshot:

SS 2.png

Another issue is that on the grid layout, the combined orders are shown as "multiple". WTF is that? What is the point of that if we choose the surviving order number? Why was this working in the old version (layout) and why you can't figure this out in the new layout? 

SS 1.png




Hey there @emarkhasin,


Thank you for providing us with this feedback. 


This behavior that you are showing with the combined orders is something that my team is aware of and actively working on! I do not have an ETA for that resolution just yet, but as soon as we do, I will certainly make that known here in the community. 


With the combined orders showing as "multiple", if you would instead like to see those orders listed under the surviving order, you can use the collapsable triangle on the left hand side. I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

1. Thank you for working on this, but the frustration is that this process of combining orders was already working perfectly fine in the old version. A lot of users complained about the new version, not only because they didn't like the interface colors, but because of numerous bugs. Now 6 months after the new version was pushed on us, we still have bugs, more importantly - accounting bugs that can't be just ignored, these are not like color preferences! It's the holiday season now and we can't combine orders because of this. 😞


2. On grid layout, the combined orders are shown as "multiple". I understand I need to expand the box, but why? 
a) For regular non-combined orders, expanding the box doesn't show any useful information.

b) We open orders by clicking on the order #. On combined order, there is no order # to click unless you expand the box. This is an unsensory click.

c) We have already selected the surviving order #, that's what we want to see in the grid. Why hide it under the "multiple" label? The grid itself becomes useless, as now we might have many "multiple" labels there together with regular orders. And each time a person will have to go through the grid to expand boxes? Doesn't make any sense. Again, this process was already working fine in the old version!



I appreciate these details very much! Workflow details like this can really help paint a fuller picture with out team when reviewing feedback so this really is quite helpful. 


We absolutely hear you that there is more to be reviewed and resolved in the platform. I assure you, we are actively working towards making ShipStation the very best that it can be as we move into the future! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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When this will be fixed? The calculations are totally wrong! This is unbelievable!

We had one order for $1000 and another for $50, the person made a mistake choosing a surviving order, and now the order total shows up as $50. UNABLE TO SPLIT (as reported by others, that function is not working either). UNABLE TO EDIT (modifying Total Paid doesn't change Order Total value). 😤😤😤😤

Hey there @emarkhasin


I'm glad to see that you have an active ticket with our Support team for this behavior! Thats absolutely the best step to take in these instances. 


At this time, I do not have any updates. Without a doubt though, if and when I hear anything more on this investigation, I will update this thread accordingly. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


If only Shipstation invested as much in development and support as they did on TV commercials.
My wife leaves the room whenever a Shipstation ad comes on TV because she knows it pisses me off.