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Make it easier to repopulate customs declarations

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Shipstation does not do a good job of maintaining the customs declarations when orders are merged, split, or edited - I will often be ready to ship an order only to find that the customs declaration is empty, or includes items that are no longer on the order.  It takes some effort to create a new declaration, copying in all of the correct values.  It would be nice if there were a button that would recreate the declaration based on the items currently in the shipment.  Shipstation knows all this information so why not make it easy?


As an aside, I don't like the V3 layout for the customs declaration.  In V2 all of the fields were in one row and I could see it directly below the order lineitems.  Now the declaration has only one entry per row, making it harder to really see and understand all of the entries, and is hidden off to the side, so it's very difficult to see the lineitems and declaration in the same place for comparison.



They literally made the customs process MUCH worse. Hard to scroll and access and they deleted just about any ability to upload customs info through CMS. Which used to work. Btw, they NEVER had a way to bulk update multiple international orders beyond declaring it a gift or merch or if you want errors to return to sender or not. What good is bulk declaring the kind of shipment it is if I still have to go in and manually enter the price, etc?


It went from a good app to terrible. 

Thomas Romer


The customs declarations process is terrible now. Takes 2-3x the time that it did before. 


Whoever is approving all these UX/UI changes needs to go.