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Marked as shipped not sending tracking info

Occasional Contributor

Again, I have had this issue for months now. Shipstation has done a virtual meeting with me where I showed the issue and they were going to show the video of the recording to a higher tech team. The last communication I have received was from May 9th. I asked on 5/28 for an update nothing. I have been emailing every two weeks and nothing. I try live chat nothing. The fact that they can't even say "we are working on it" instead ignoring the issue is UPSURD and horrible customer service. We use Shipstation for 8 of our warehouses and we will be looking into other solutions now. 



We are having the same issues. It’s cause g confusion with customers. 


Hello @ttpshipstation!


Thank you for the post! I am so sorry that this issue has been unsolved for you. I have reached out to support, and I can let you know that the team is looking at this issue and trying to diagnose the problem for our merchants. A resolution ETA is unknown because the team wants to ensure a fix is in place. 


Thank you for your patience and posting in the community!