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New Version/Old version


so I tested the new version of SS and now I want to go back to old version. How do I do that? I can't find a "switch back" option.


Super User
Super User

In the upper right-hand corner of the website there is a "Give Feedback" button. This is where you can opt to change to the old layout!


This link does not exist in my account

I dont see that on my version !!! 

Occasional Contributor

I WISH I had the option to go to the old layout.. I have the old layout on one of my client's and love the fact that the views are on the left and that the filters actually work like they are supposed to.. unfortunately, on another of the clients, they have the new version where the filters don't work and the views are tabs that constantly move around, (i.e. if you click the 3rd tab, it becomes the first and moves the rest around.. makes it hard to just "go down the line" when the line is constantly changing.. 

I couldn't agree more, luckdragon. 


I have the old version for one client's account and still love Shipstation. The account I'm forced to use the new version has me considering finding a new shipping client to use. I LOATHE the new version and it's seemingly endless bugs. 


I purchased and use ShipStation to make my workflow more efficient, not to increase the disruptions in my day and add frustration. I wish they would admit failure and revert all together. 

I agree the new layout is terrible. I report a bug at least twice a week. Nothing works.


Hi you can go back to the old version. I just did mine today. 


Here are the steps 

Click give feedback and choose option turn off new layout right some suggestions/comment and click submit. voila 🙂 

Thanks for sharing those steps @mfsq

@Liquorama - our product team would really appreciate it if you told us specifically why you want to go back to the Legacy version when you make the switch back. Thanks so much!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

@ SuperMgr-Sarah The new version is terrible and if we are unable to promptly switch back to the previous one then we will find somewhere else for our business. One of the biggest issues we're having is that we use Control + F to find orders on the "Orders - Awaiting Shipment" page. When using Control +F on Shipstation it will only find orders visibly on the screen vs the whole document. Tried Control + F elsewhere and confirmed this is a Shipstation issue and not a PC one. 



Seriously, it has been years now, and everyone is still complaining about the bugs and lack of features in the new version vs. the old.  Why create an "upgrade" that doesn't improve on previous versions and is full of flaws?  Just let everyone use the classic version already.  

That is how I ended up fixing the issue myself, what they call the "Legacy" version actually allowed me to use ShipStation. Before switching to the Legacy version ShipStation was completely worthless and riddled with bugs. They need to seriously take a step back and make drastic improvements to the "New" version if they expect people to be happy using it. It was absolutely utterly useless.

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Forced to move to the new Version. Am I the only one who think it's Horrible...??

Why fixing a something that was work so perfectly ??? I don't get it... and where is all the users voice...?

We've been complaining for years, ShipStation just doesn't care.

  • They don't develop any features users request regardless of how many upvotes they get.
  • Every update seems to introduce bugs that make features broken or they remove features entirely.

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I agree. The new layout is horrible and has some serious flaws. 


Any one can tell me how to switch back to the classical version? I am not able to find the feedback icon now?

You have to request it.

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 today, after hearing we are going to be forced to move over in june, i gave it another shot hoping it had gotten better and it hasn't.    i'm all about adopting new tech, but it's really GODAWFUL.  it's ugly hard to navigate. it hurts my eyes.  the font sizes, the layout, everything.  but i'm trying to push through.  and then i go to print my first batch... and there's a problem purchasing postage.  grrr.  this is all i can handle for one day.  going back to legacy and i'll try again tomorrow maybe.  i've been with SS since the very first days and i'm seriously thinking of jumping ship.  i absolutely hate this.  how can you make an upgrade that has all disadvantages and absolutely no perceivable advantages????

I agree with this. If they force us onto the new version I will leave ShipStation immediately. We can't use it.

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Totally agree with you Marc, one of the features that I miss the most is the Order History in the products inventory. That was very helpful data. It's gone now, you can get it from Orders if you put the SKU in but the view is not the same... 😞



The give feedback button is now gone.  If we are locked into this new terrible layout we are also leaving.  WHY would you do this, everyone clearly hates the new layout including everyone at my company as well.  Is there still a way to revert back or not.  You clearly have not listened to the community when people have all stated their disdain for the new layout.   Consider this my cancelation if we are stuck with this garbage.


Good bye shipstation


I hate everything about this new platform.  Since we are locked in, we will be closing our account.