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Old layout vs new layout


My first impression:
I'd love to keep using the old layout till some real improvement in the new is done.
Shipstation did a great job in that version, but needs a little more effort in their UX development.

After using it a bit, I am liking it so far...GOOD JOB!


Occasional Contributor

New layout is awful.  Slow, poor density on smaller screens, some links simply do nothing, get spinning wheel as often as not: I have no idea of orders were sent to FBA or not.



Hello there! 


Thanks for bringing us this feedback and welcome to the community. 


@marc8, we definitely want to look into those matters directly. If possible, some specific details about the behaviors you mentioned would be tremendously helpful! If there are certain screens/links/spinning wheel operations that you can list for me, it may help my product team with their investigation.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Let's just bring back what worked.  Beta testing should be voluntary.

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The list of things that don't work or work in highly inefficient ways is long and growing but here are some off the top of my head.

- Shipping options that are disabled in my shipping preferences still show up as options (so you have to scroll through a long list of options you don't want)

- It doesn't remember what scale I have connected so you have to reselect if every time

- When you go to "create and print labels" it often fails because you didn't manually update the postage quote, then sometimes when it does have the quote it just fails half way through and no label is generated, and then sometimes it does generate a label but just decides not to print it.

- End of day scan forms, if you try and print multiple forms it just says you can't so you have to print them individually

- reshipping orders is just trash

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More specifically I've found out part of what causes create and print labels to fail is the purchase postage when creating labels simply does not work, it's 0% functional and that causes lots of other weird behavior. For now I just set the auto-refill up as a workaround.