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Print stamps from shipstation?


How do I print stamps from shipstation? The instructions in Help do not work. Thanks!


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In most cases, the answer is no. However, if the letter postage service and package type for your selected provider are available in ShipStation, you can select them and print the postage just as you would for a small parcel.

ShipStation's focus is on small parcel shipping, so whether letter postage is available will depend on which postage providers you have connected to ShipStation and if that provider supports letter postage through ShipStation.

Keep in mind that all labels printed from ShipStation are 4 in x 6 in labels, which are not always appropriate for letter-sized envelopes.

To print letter postage using a or other USPS provider account, choose USPS First Class Mail from the Service menu, and Letter from the Package menu.


I am connected to through ShipStation.  If I use the USPS First Class Mail and Letter option, does ShipStation print stamps?  Or does ShipStation print a first class mail label?

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At this time, stamps are not available in ShipStation. The smallest label option for ShipStation is 4" x 6", this could be used for some larger letters certainly but may be oversized for others. I hope this helps clarify. 


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Why are letters even an option in shipstation under USPS? Makes NO sense. Anything large enough to be able to use a 4X6 label would be a package or MAYBE a flat. But NOT a letter.