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Scan to Verify barcode format?


Does the barcode *HAVE* to be in UPC format? We use ISBN number barcodes, or an internal number for some products. When trying to use the "Scan to Verify" feature when the code is scanned a red box popped up (I was not given the exact contents of the message) and they could not verify any products.


I tried to just type in the barcode number on the keyboard while on that screen but after a few digits a red box popped up saying "Incorrect Product - The scanned item can not be found on this order".  I thought this may be due to inter-character delays as I was typing and that it timed out before I could complete the entry.


Can Scan to Verify use any format barcode data?



It does seem that any barcode value is allowed, and our problem may be in some configuration of the barcode scanner. I will have to get hands-on to try that, I am several states away.


However, I did use AppleScript on MacOS to simulate sending the digits of the value in the UPC field after activating the window that was set up for Scan and Verify and it did verify the line item. So the value in the UPC field seem to be freeform and anything will work. 

Hi @scmsteve! So you used AppleScript to fill in the missing UPC field? Do you know of anything else that could help us fill in our UPC field while being synced from Shopify?