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"Coupon:" Prefix missing on discount codes imported from Shopify


We have Shopify integrated with Shipstation, and for years Shopify discount codes have shown up in Shipstation as line items with the name "Coupon: DISCOUNTCODE".  (DISCOUNTCODE = whatever code the purchaser used.) Starting on January 10th, they no longer show with the "Coupon:" prefix, and instead just show as a line item with the name "DISCOUNTCODE".  Can anyone else that is also using Shopify confirm whether the same thing is happening to them for orders after January 10th, 2023?  We have other systems that integrate with Shipstation and rely on the "Coupon:" prefix that has disappeared, but are having trouble getting support to confirm or acknowledge whether this is an intentional change.


Hey there @melissa8


I am very curious to hear from our community members to see what they have done in this situation! Hopefully, some first hand insight will be shared. 


I'm glad to see that you've reached out to support to investigate from that end as well, that was definitely the right call to start with 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!