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ShipStation is now automatically changing shipping address (with feature turned off)

Frequent Contributor

So we just had a customer complain we sent his package to the wrong address. I checked his order and the shipping address matched what he's saying he entered. HOWEVER, when I reprinted his shipping label, there is a different zip code.


There is a warning on the order page stating "Possible incorrect postal code. Suggested: 90037" but I did not change the zip code and just printed it as is, not realizing SS changed it for me.


We have the *AUTOMATICALLY STANDARDIZE AND CORRECT ALL US ADDRESSES WHEN VERIFIED?* feature turned off in Store Settings, as we've run into the issue before.


ShipStation support confirmed that we have this feature turned off, but is blaming USPS for changing it when I print the label. 


Has anyone else run into this issue?



This has been a problem for a long time. They change addresses or the address is changed when it is imported to shipstation. The changed an aprtment number from 319 to to apt 3. I've had to reship several packages because of this. 

How did you. correct the issue?


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We just had a similar issue on 2 orders we shipped to Australia. The system changes the city and they customer never got the package.   Needing to re-ship product & eat the shipping costs.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there DBASAE, 
Thanks for your comment. We're sorry to hear you've experienced this issue. Our team is here to help. Please reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to investigate. 

New Contributor

This is very frustrating! I enter a manual order and shipstation automatically changes the zipcode to the wrong one. It shows up correctly when the address is displayed in shipstation and changes it in the background without telling me...what!?!