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Shipping Account changing when new service is selected

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We have 35+ warehouses shipping orders each with their own shipping account with default service, package and the shipping account to match the assigned warehouse.


When the warehouse packs the order they may change service based on the actual box size; and it is moving the shipping account when the Service is moved to the first shipping account in the list. This should not happen as the only thing changing is the service going from 2 day to ground.


in the last 90 days we have had $18K of shipping charges get charged to the wrong account




Hey there @ErinHBCS


Thanks for posting in the community! 


When it comes to the shipping account established on an order, you can absolutely set those automatically with those automation rules. However, if the service is manually updated, the shipping account chosen will go back to the default for the store. If there is another account that should be used for that shipment, it would need to be adjusted manually at the same time as the service option. 


My tip would be to make sure that the service list is set to "Postage Provider" instead of "Carrier" via the gray gear symbol to the right of the service selection bar. This will make sure that each service is listed under the specific account. You can also change this below in the "Other Shipping Options" section. 


Currently, this cannot happen automatically since the automations can only run when the order is first imported. Since at that point the order has already been imported, other changes would need to be made manually. But I definitely see why this would be desired!


Also, if any of our wicked smart community folks have a way they are handling this, I would love to hear that alternate workflow! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!