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Shipstation really can not change back to old version?

New Contributor

There are so many inconveniences currently shipstation version.

And there are 2 critical issues that make us to loose so much.


1. Can not select shipping service.

This usually happen right after luch time.

Once this issue starts, we can not use rest of entire day.

And it will work next morning.

We can still ship the orders via API if shipping services have already selected before.

However we can not ship any orders using shipstation directly.

If we contact support and ask them to clear our cache on their side, it will be fixed for while.

Which means we have to contact support every single day to ask them to clear, or we have to give up to ship orders for a day.


2. Shipstation not responding so many times.

If we edit shipping information or if we add some note in order detail page, shipstation not responding error.

This happen every 3-5 orders change, somtimes every single order.

We have to refresh the page so many times.




We have contacted support many times.

They always say same.

1. try other browsers

2. try incognito

3. will escalate to senior support team

4. no further update



I do not know if these are only our problem.

And there are so many inconveniences in current version.

We can wait for further update for all other inconveniences.

However these 2 issues are really big problem for us.



I heard from another company that they are curretly using v2 shipstation.

I asked support to change the version several times, however they always say they cant.

This is really sad.




Occasional Contributor

+1 want roll back to V2, v3 are extremely slow, everytime you print, you have to wait for that two popups to disappear..


I'm sure they can switch back but the last few months have taught me that they won't. They're too caught up in the sunk cost fallacy to even acknowledge the issues in V3 and fix them, let alone roll back to a previous version. All the major issues (confusing interface, slow, not responding to inputs, freezing, restore/split order issues, etc.) were all reported months ago if not more than a year.


I'm literally having nightmares about using shipstation during the holidays.

Occasional Contributor

Check out ShippingEasy - I've been on ShipStation in multiple businesses for 10+ years and Im done over this V3 stuff too.  I mean its literally almost unusable between the slowness, errors, not printing labels, not sending notifications, no support at all, etc.  I think they might be going under soon to be honest, this seems like a case of a company that cut way back and has no staff left to do anything but autopilot basically until its shutdown.

Frequent Contributor

I have ShippingEasy as a backup account since 2015.  I chose it since it is the only other app besides shipstation that has the integrations I need.   So I just went back to check it out again and its throwing errors when I go to add UPS as a carrier.   IDK, it's worrisome that we have come to this.   What a shame.  V2 was great.


I know another business that is still able to use V2. It is absolutely unreal that SS is just deciding which businesses to ruin and when 😞


I have to believe that more than 50% of their customers feel the same way. If they're going to force us to remain on this platform, they should at least get a real bug report system.