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Tracking Status

Occasional Contributor

Hello ShipStation,

I like ShipStation very much. Really! It solved many problems that I had to manage my shipments. Thank you so much for that!

But I want to suggest one important feature that will help me a lot too.

I use 3 different warehouses to ship my orders. I need to keep track of whether all the orders I sent to them were properly shipped. If something was not picked up by FedEx or UPS I need to ask them about the reason.

At the ShipStation' Shipment page (on the left menu), I can filter by "Recent", "In Transit", "Delivered", "Delivered Exceptions" and "Voided". Is that possible to include the "Unknown" status, or "Label Created" os "Not Shipped Yet" so I can filter all the orders that were not picked up yet? Also, Can you change the icon for the "The Status Unknown" at the "Tracking #" column to a different icon? The gray question mark is very similar to the gray "check" when the order has the "Delivered" status.

Thank you,




New Contributor

I also would love to be able to accurately report and account for my shipments with the same status. I have called several times to try to find the most efficient solution to report all orders that are "Label Created"/etc but unfortunately the customer service informed me there is no accurate way to report those orders within ShipStation. You can filter to the "unknown" option but there are many orders in that search filter that have been delivered or actually shipped out that still show up. This makes the entire report inaccurate and pointless. We do roughly 4000 orders per day and this is an essential report we will need to continue. If anyone has a solution that would be greatly appreciated. Very surprised how a company built off making shipping more efficient for businesses would not be able to accurately generate such a simple yet crucial report.

Occasional Contributor

Hi, wanted to know your opinion on

probably this is something that can help you?