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Why is there no chat widget?

Occasional Contributor

I've gone thru the directions listed here: and cannot find the mentioned "chat widget" anywhere on the page, after trying multiple browsers. It should be easier to find. I keep having to resort to email, which takes a really long time to get a response.

What am I missing? I look at the bottom right hand corner of the page after going to "Get Help" and all I see is a green upward pointing arrow that just takes me to the top of the page.


Hey there @info301


I am happy to help locate that chat widget! 


From what you are describing, it sounds like you may be on the help articles but not signed in on that page just yet. 


Up at the top of the page, make sure that it lists your name/username for the account you are working in. If you're not yet, it will say "Sign In" in green. Once you are signed into your active ShipStation profile there, you can click into any of our wonderful knowledge base articles and you'll see that Chat Icon mentioned in the article populate in the bottom right corner.


I just doubled checked this one mine, and I did have to sign in separately but then it populated as intended.


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Occasional Contributor

Thanks but I am signed in and my name appears on the page. I'm using Firefox but also tried Edge as browsers and neither worked. I suppose I should try Chrome - but I really dislike using it.


@info301 Thanks for confirming you're seeing it as signed in. 


We appreciate this feedback in regards to the browser you're using. If you find that using chrome doesn't resolve the issue, let us know. We definitely want to make sure that you can reach support when its needed. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

New Contributor

My chat isn't working either

Hey @wesohoodrich and @RavenRoast


Thank you both for reaching out and for being a part of our community. Can you both tell me what steps you are taking to access chat and what specifically is happening? In the meantime you can always email to initiate a support request in the meantime while we figure this out. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


same issue over here

New Contributor

Been having this issue for years now.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @DGB


Welcome to the ShipStation Community, we are so happy to have you here with us. 


When you are on the help center, if you look at the site header do you see an icon that says sign in or do you see your username and a profile icon? If you aren't signed in to the help center it will not generate the support chat pop up. Is this the case for you? 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 



Hi Erin,

I've been logged in, you guys make it pretty clear everywhere and this is not the issue here.

I've noticed that the chat widget is only visible on Chrome, which seems somewhat restrictive considering the current technological landscape. I understand that the ShipStation dashboard may have specific browser requirements, but since I use Brave (built on Chromium), which is compatible with ShipStation, I find it peculiar that the chat widget doesn't work on this browser, for no apparent reason aside perhaps badly implemented external libraries to show/hide it.

This problem has persisted for several years, and I would greatly appreciate a solution, particularly in light of the recent 100% price increase I experienced (from $69.00 to $149.99).

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Same problem here and I tried Chrome.  No Chat widget.  I'm trying to restart my subscription but I can't do that and I can't get any support.  Please don't make me go back to shippo.

The solution is to use Chrome, this is what their support team will tell you. I personally use Brave which is based on Chromium, as Chrome and MS Edge are. Not sure why ShipStation doesn't fix the issue as it most likely doesn't require much of a change. It seems to be way down their list and it is creating a very annoying customer experience, specially when trying to reach out for support 🤣