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suddenly orders missing weight

Frequent Contributor

is there a reason why orders that had weight in the past suddenly went missing ?



Hi Ozie, 


For your orders missing their weights, were the weights entered manually, or were they saved in the product details? 


I have experienced losing entered weights when I try to apply a preset to multiple orders, but it usually only affects products without any saved weights/dims in the products tab. 


For example: if I had a list of hats that I knew weighed 8 oz but were new products without saved dims/weight, I would mass apply the weights with the side bar options. Then I would apply a First Class Package preset to these orders, which resulted in losing the entered weights and starting over. I know now to apply First Class presets before adding weights as a work around. 

Frequent Contributor

missing saying 1st class or priority package the weight was there i know it was there before suddenly  after long weekend i noticed it went