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Amazon FBA/MCF Inventory

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We have been using Amazon MCF to fulfill about 10 of our SKU's. We are shipping pallets of product to Amazon DC's every few weeks for them to use for not only our MCF orders, but our FBA orders as well. 


In the past couple of months, we've been struggling to figure out the best way to plan our inventory to ship to Amazon due to the major influx of orders between our selling channels.


We are wanting to take advantage of the Inventory Management Feature within Shipstation, but are unsure how to do this as our FBA orders are not being pushed over to Ship Station, the only orders we receive in Shipstation are Amazon Seller Fulfilled, Shopify/Manual Phone orders and our Click Funnel orders.  


Is anyone else using Amazon FBA, or another fulfillment service that ships their Ecommerce orders and Amazon orders, but has found a good way to predict what inventory would be needed? 


We manufacture all of our products in house, and as of right now, Amazon is out of (3) of our top SKU's, which has forced fulfillment to our local warehouse not only causing inventory at our main warehouse that is typically used to ship out Distributor/Dealer LTL orders to be used for Ecommerce orders, but now we are having to push the pedal to the metal on manufacturing more product. 


Any insight would be wonderful!



I can't help with the inventory planning question, but there is an option you can enable to import your FBA orders into ShipStation, which could help with your reporting needs. 


In your Amazon Marketplace store settings (Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup) you can enable the "Import FBA Orders" option for the store. Those orders will import into your Shipped status in ShipStation once they are fulfilled by Amazon. These orders will also be visible in Insights for reporting.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

Super thank you!

Is there a way to automatically deduct on hand ShipStation inventory when we ship inventory into FBA?

Is there an update on how to automatically deduct on hand ShipStation inventory when we ship inventory into FBA?


I think you're gonna have to look at a product called Inkfrog. They will sync inventory between SF and AZ, or SF and eBay....but not both. Awkward, but does work.

Thanks for sharing your solution! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!