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Label show printed, never actually printed out

Frequent Contributor

We have had a consistent problem with ShipStation Connect and not actually printing labels, but showing that they are printed. The most frustrating part of this whole situation is, support just tells me to clear my cache and that's the only solution I have ever been given, and no actual reason to WHY this is happening. 


There's been instances that we have had 5-10 orders shown PRINTED in a batch, but never get printed out. The only way I can ensure orders are printed is by manually counting each order that prints out in the batch, which almost defeats the entire purpose of "batch" printing! 


My question is, is anyone else experiencing this, and what have you found that WORKS to fix the problem! 



I have the same problem lately too. Shipstation customer service didn't help to resolve this issue. 

Frequent Contributor

I am STILL working through this issue with Shipstation and they've told me that they've not found any kind of error on their side. As well as, the only time they are seeing this error is when batches are over 40 orders. 


Today, I reached out to them with a batch that had only (6) orders in it and yet still a label was missed during the batch. They asked me to uninstall and reinstall connect (for the 5th time) to see if this helps. 


If you are still experiencing this batch label printing issue, I think it would be good if you email their support team as it's not been reported by very many users, therefore, it's not a "problem"  to explore.