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USPS Label / End of Day / Pickup confusion


A bit of confusion...


By default, labels are printed for TODAY.


We close today using End Of Day.


By default package pickup scheduling for USPS looks at TOMORROW, so none of our packages show up. We have to change the date to TODAY to see the packages, but they won't come today.


How is this supposed t o work? The documentation for each step doesn't really give a comprehensive picture when the dates don't line up. Are we supposed to always generate labels for the next day or what?



Hey there @scmsteve


I'm sorry to hear that you've been running into this confusion. But I am thrilled you would turn to the community for answers! 🙂 


When it comes to scheduling those pick ups, by design it will be on the next day, but if you fill in the Pickup Location section at the top, and then change the date for that day you should see your packages there waiting for you so that you can schedule that pick up. 


If you find that frequently by the time you are ready to schedule your shipments, that the carrier is no longer accepting pick ups for that day, you may want to look into an adjustment of your workflow. This adjustment could be in terms of the timeframe that you are setting for that pickup to occur and/or noting that due to the time of day, the pickup could only happen the next day and subsequently setting labels up for the next day to match that availability.


If you run into troubles with the pickups further, I would encourage you to reach out the our lovely Support Team via chat when you are ready to get the next one set so that you can do it in real time with our agent! 


I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!